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Permitted Development Rights – Barn Conversions

barn in field

The laws around change of use for agricultural buildings  is something that can appear at times hazy – particularly after the amendments that were made to the Permitted Development Rights in 2014. The changes mean that it is now possible to convert an existing agricultural building, such as a barn, without the need to explicitly apply for planning permission. However, this does not mean by any stretch that there are no rules regarding creating a barn conversion, and instead of planning permission a prior notification clause was introduced.

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Barn Conversions – Go Green or Go Home

Barn Conversion at Farm

If you’re considering moving to The Cotswolds, taking on a project, or perhaps you’re in the position of owning property you’re thinking of converting, a barn conversion could make the ideal home for you. Their popularity in The Cotswolds has soared in the past decade, with many people enjoying the crosswire of traditional and contemporary style that they offer.

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